About us

Majestic Aluminium Finishing Ltd provides a widespread of metal finishing processes.

We have a reputation for attention to detail, quality, and rapid turnaround (24 hours – subject to quantity). This unique set of qualities ensures a long standing partnership with all our clients across the UK since 1970.

We have earned a reputation for exceptional quality, consistency and rapid turnaround by continuously searching for new technologies, equipment and processes to meet customer’s changing needs. Empowered with excellent management system, we have developed our core competence in all types of metal finishing jobs. We have developed a competitive edge in the market on grounds of producing consistent results and maintaining high quality standards. We strive to meet the need of its broad customer base by continually expanding on its expertise. Progressive environmental protection, superb employees, and consistently meeting rigid and demanding customer specification are just a few of the reasons that have built our reputation for leadership that is expanding daily in our industry. Our engineers and industry experts work round the clock to understand the needs and requirements of our customers. They work in alliance with the dedicated research and development department to offer products that incorporate latest technology and innovations. We have seamlessly harnessed our unparalleled experience in anodised and plated products to provide total corrosion protection to industrial, constructive commercial and decorative products

Majestic Aluminium Finishing Ltd is a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 registered firm.

Over the years Majestic Aluminium Finishing Ltd has developed close links with companies in the U.K, where we are investing a great amount in improving our quality in anodising in the UK

Our Processes Include

At Majestic Aluminium Finishing Ltd, we offer a wide range of support facilities to ensure the finishing of client’s components meet exact quality standards. Together with our in house anodising, polishing, plating, and quality control procedures, we work closely with manufacturers and fabricators near to us. These Companies are well accustomed to helping us to deliver a comprehensive finishing process to client’s products. Our strength lies in treating your work as our own, protecting your confidence, promoting your reputation, ensuring you deliver a quality product, on time. All this adds up to a package which reaches far beyond metal protection and colouring.

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